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YINGHE history and business mode: YINGHE ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD is the only domestic equipment chain supermarket that has a global overseas local warehousing service cross-border e-commerce platform company. our company was established in 2002, after years of development,YINGHE has become a well-known domestic and foreign high-tech equipment of the modern enterprise, the scale of company , products and services in the country are second to none. Our products are sold well to more than 200 countries and regions of the world.


How to maintain the printer head reasonably?

As the core component of the inkjet printing machine, the stability of the print head indirectly determines the quality of the machine. When the fixed cost of the print head is relatively high, how to extend the service life of the print head, reduce the replacement cost and the degree of wear, and maintain the print head properly.

What is the common sense of using large format printer?
If the material roll is relatively large or heavy and does not move during the printing and output of the large format printer, it will affect the screen, and horizontal stripes will appear on the screen, which will also make the material walking size non-standard. If this happens You can open th...
The wrong ink is added to the large format printer, easy to do in one operation!
There are two types of inks for the large format printer, one is water-based ink and the other is eco-solvent ink. The two inks cannot be mixed, but in actual using, due to various reasons, there may be a problem of the wrong ink being added to the large format printer. So when encountering this ...